Corona and Sun Dance Ranch

It will be clear that the entire Corona virus crisis is also hitting us hard!


In fact, we don’t have any bookings at all during the spring or they are canceled. But also July and August is not yet half full and we are afraid (expect) that they will also be canceled because the corona crisis will probably get a long tail. This may take months, until far into the summer or even beyond the summer, especially in terms of tourism! Of course, people do not (yet?) dare to book a holiday abroad.

That is very understandable!!


We normally have several different sources of income than just summer tourism, but activities for the local population and all other activities are also halted;

  • There is no interest in B&B or camping (still allowed for the time being),
  • There are no guests in the restaurant,
  • We don’t have live music nights or karaoke nights,
  • We do not have large group activities or business parties,
  • There is little or no interest in group riding lessons or trail rides (still allowed for the time being),
  • There are no visitors to the western & souvenir shop,
  • There are no bookings for other activities (quads, canoes, firing range, wellness etc).

The only thing that continues; the persons who have a lease horse here, are allowed to ride and to take care of their horse. And they have a private lesson or lesson in a small group once a week.

Furthermore, it is quiet here, very quiet!


There is always enough work here and we make sure that we are healthy and work hygienical! The horses must of course always be cared for; feeding, cleaning the paddocks and general care always goes on, day in and day out. Furthermore, there are of course always little jobs and repairs.


It is not yet as chaos as in other parts of the world and we are relatively far from the densely populated cities and areas, but of course the necessary measures have already been taken and people simply do not dare to leave home. We are in a financially heavy situation with the company and have already taken the necessary measures.

Nothing actually comes in and of course a lot of money goes out.

The biggest financial costs are those of our employees. And 22 important employees (the horses!) are standing still! Earn nothing but continue to cost money, a lot of money!


At the moment we can do nothing but keep ourselves healthy, create a good resistance and prepare the ranch optimally for the moment that we are allowed to run again. When that is…. we have no idea! Fortunately, we, our team and our families are healthy and we assume that we will eventually get through it anyway, but it is tough now!


We can really use all financial help there is. We have set up a sponsor / donation campaign.
Every little bit helps so if you want to support your favorite horse, click on his / her photo and find the product you want to donate. Help us survive!
Making a general donation is of course also more than welcome!
We would like to highlight companies that donate via our Facebook.
Our biggest thanks for every kind of donation!

Much love and health to everyone!

Anita & Anders and the Sun Dance Team