Information about corona and Sun Dance Ranch

Dear Guest,
Sun Dance Ranch is following the recommendations from Folkhälsomyndigheten (the Public health authority) regarding Covid-19. We have adjusted our business to decrease the spread of the corona virus. At the ranch we have lots of space, our activities are adjusted so we have enough distance between each other and the restaurant is furnished so our guests don’t sit to close to other guests. We have of course also adjusted our cleaning routines to make the environment at the ranch as “corona safe” as possible. Our highest priority is the health of our guests and staff! Welcome to us!

Do you want to read more about our adjustments? Read more here:


At the ranch our guests can get information about the corona virus in several languages.
We adjust and create space to avoid crowding and we have hand alcohol available in several places at the ranch.
If our staff suspect that they have been exposed to the corona virus or/and have symptoms they obviously stay at home.


Hand alcohol is available for all guests entering the saloon. Our restaurant guests eat and drink at their table and they are served by our staff. If we’ll have a buffet there will be one family/party at the time taking their food.
We have put a plexiglass at the front desk to protect both our guests and our staff.


At our horse activities we are maximum 8 people participating and of course we keep distance between each other. Our helmets and vests are disinfected regularly.
In the jacuzzi there is one family/party per session and the jacuzzi is disinfected after every use and the water is chlorinated.


Our service building with showers and toilets are cleaned/disinfected extra by the staff. For your safety we have extra cleaning routines and we are disinfecting handles, knobs, switches and flush buttons regularly.


On our camp site we make sure that all our guests are keeping distance between their caravans, campers and tents.


Guests renting a cottage at our ranch can feel safe since we clean and disinfect our cottages regularly. In the cottages there is only one family/party staying and they don’t share it with other guests.

Remember that we all are responsible for not passing the corona virus on. We have adjusted our business for minimizing the risk for our guests and staff to get infected or to carry on the infection.
There are several common advices we all should apply to avoid the spread of covid-19:
• Wash your hands often and use hand alcohol
• Have a good toilet hyiene
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
• Avoid hand greetings, kisses and hugs
• Protect yourself and others from the spread of the infection and respect distance.

If you have any questions regarding your stay or booking, don’t hesitate to contact us at
+46 76 820 05 79.

For more information about the Corona virus; visit: or call 113 13.

It clearly shows that this corona virus crisis will hit us hard!

Yet it’s not such chaos here in Sweden as in other parts of the world and we are relatively far from the busy cities and areas but of course, the necessary measures have already been taken and people simply not dare to leave their homes.
We are in a financially heavy situation with the company and have already taken the necessary measures. Nothing actually comes in and of course a lot of money goes out.
The biggest financial costs are for our employees and 22 of our important employees (horses!) are completely standing still doing nothing! They make no money but continue to cost money, lots of money!

At the moment we can’t do anything but stay healthy, create good resistance and prepare the ranch optimally for the moment when we can start again.

When that will be… we have no idea! Fortunately, we, our team and our families are healthy and we assume that we will eventually get through this, but it is tough now!


We really need all the financial help we can get now. We have created a sponsor / donation campaign. So if you want to support your favorite horse, click on his / hers photo and find the product you want to donate. Help us survive! Of course, making a generous donation is also more than welcome! We will highlight companies that donate via our Facebook.
We would like to give our biggest thanks for all types of donations!
Much love and good health to everyone!

Anita & Anders and the team at Sun Dance Ranch